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Benefits of Going Solar

Saving Money is Only the Start

Save Money

Your electric bill is probably one of your biggest household expenses every month. With solar, you can cut that bill in half or even more.

Take Control

These days, electric rates are rising all over Virginia. Protect yourself from future rate hikes by making your own power.

Make A Difference

Solar increases property values and is a great legacy to leave the next generation. And going green helps everybody.

Serving Southwestern & Central Virginia

More than 30 Years Experience

Main Street Solar is locally owned and draws on over 30 years of solar engineering and 14 years installation experience in Southwestern and Central Virginia.

About Us

What Customers Are Saying

  • Main Street Solar provides a true turnkey installation. We could not be happier and my wife and I are looking forward to many sunny days.
    Wayne Moore, Roanoke
  • The cleanest energy we know how to make as human beings...And it’s nice to open up your power bill that says billable: zero.
    Steve Thomas, Rocky Mount

Solar Power World Top 500 Installer

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