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  • Free Energy From The Sun
  • Save 50 - 100% Every Month
  • Protect Yourself Against Rate Hikes
  • Protect The Environment
  • Increase Your Property Value
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An Easy Decision

Looking for a solar energy in Virginia? We can help you! Whether it’s the rising cost of energy, a desire to go green, or a little bit of both, you’re considering installing solar panels at your home or business. The advantages and savings can be significant and quickly offset the installation cost.


Going solar is simple. At Main Street Solar, we handle all of the large and small details for you. Our goal is make the transition to solar power as easy as possible. We are always willing to answer your questions and make solar an easy and pleasant experience for you.


We are a locally owned and operated family solar energy business with a highly skilled staff who value integrity, craftsmanship, our clients and their future. Main Street Solar installs solar from the Shenandoah Valley down to the New River Valley and beyond!   We offer Grid Tie solar systems, Battery Backup solar systems, and Stand Alone solar systems. We also offer solar pool heating systems and domestic solar water heating systems for your home or business.


Main Street Solar draws on over 30 years of solar engineering and 14 years installation experience. We use proven techniques for the strongest, safest, longest lasting installation by our certified installers.  Our engineer uses his experience of over 30 years in solar design to meet each customers individual needs and create a lifetime of dependable solar energy and its rewards.  We guarantee customer satisfaction through excellent customer service, advanced top shelf products, the best quality installation practices and our knowledge of SOLAR ENERGY to create savings and a healthy alternative at a price you can afford.


If you want guaranteed performance and dependable services from a team of experts that brings results and instant savings, contact us today.




Our mission is to provide our clients with quality service at a reasonable price. Using the best products and superior installation techniques our systems are built for a lifetime. We make your investment a lifelong reward. We provide high quality installations with only the best products at a reasonable cost. Drawing from over 30 years of solar engineering experience and Certified solar installation specialist, we provide a system that best matches your needs and budget for the greatest return on investment.